MiBoard M5


Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicate, and most must be permanently installed. MiBoard M5 is the smallest most intuitive interactive whiteboard. Not anymore. Now teachers can place a small bar on the dry erase boards they already have directly, and use the stylus as a mouse. Spend less money to have full features of interactive whiteboard.

It is plug-and-play, it does not need to install any driver.

The MiBoard M5 interactive whiteboard includes all the hardware and software you need to launch your interactive classroom so that it can save your budget dollars.


The Small, portable MiBoard bar attaches magnetically to a typical dry erase board. When the teachers connect the bar to the computer and connect the computer to a projector, you can enjoy an interactive whiteboard up to 80 inches. Your lessons come to life, easily and interesting.

With an embedded magnetic mounting system, MiBoard M5 easily moves from classroom to classroom.

MiBoard bar also can be fixed on the wall or glass by using double-sided adhesive.


  • A complete interactive whiteboard system that uses the dry erase boards and projectors that you have.
  • Allow to position the bar on any places of a whiteboard, just make sure the sensor faces a projected surface.
  • Full-featured MiBoard whiteboard software for creating engaging interactive lessons.
  • Lightweight and portable, it is just about 200g, so you can just put it in your pocket or handbag directly.
  • MiBoard software includes trusted curriculum resources, provides multiple ways for teachers to prepare and present lessons easily.
  • Economic price.

Quick and Easy Setup

  1. Affix the MIBoard Bar to any whiteboard up to 1.2 m by 1.6 m.
  2. Connect the MIBoard Bar to your computer by the USB port, and connect your computer to the projector.
  3. Calibrate the MIBoard by clicking the middle of each nine red points on your board by using MIBoard Stylus. Your board is now interactive.
  4. Using the MIBoard stylus to control the board, run MIBoard software or other programs on your company, or browse the internet.
  5. Take advantage of MIBoard software to mark up screens, draw objects, create your own custom lessons, and so on.

Package Contents

MiBoard bar with one stylus, USB micro-B cable, magnetic mounting bracket, replaceable tips, removable adhesive strips for non-metallic surfaces, 1 DVD containing MiBoard software and driver.


Ergonomically elegant stylus with two buttons, one has the same function of the left key of mouse, the other has the same function of the right key of the mouse. Uses 1.5V Size AA battery, up to 2000 hours continue working. Replaceable tip ensures ultra-smooth action on all board or screen surfaces.


MiBoard Bar can be placed on any place of the whiteboard, just make sure that the sensor must face a projected surface that is within the maximum.

Minimum 5cm gap between the edge of projected image and edge of the bar


Operating: 0℃ to 40℃
Storage: -20℃ to 35℃


Operating: 20% to 80%
Storage: 0% to 90%


All hardware components: Two years warranty, free software update.


Additional information

Dimensions 220 × 45 × 13 cm
System Requirements:

Windows 10,8.1,8, Windows 7, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, MAC, Linux.

MiBoard Bar Dimensions

220mm H x 45mm W x13mm D

Whiteboard Active Area

Interactive mode with projector supports up to 1.2 meters x 1.8 meters whiteboard.

Resolution and Tracking Speed

Signal tracking frequency 98 times per second. Signal tracking speed 3.0 m per second. Resolution: 9,600 x 9,600

Data Transfer Rate-USB

Full-speed USB (12Mbps)

Power Consumption