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We are a leading provider of technology implements for classrooms to facilitate learning and interactivity.

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MiTechnic’s Vision

Create excellent quality electronic products to solve problems in the educational arena and cooperation requirements.

We understand the educator’s role. We hope to make that task easier by facilitating content delivery for all scholarly audiences with our solutions.

Our Product line

We have our factory, and we also cooperate with many mainland China factories to develop and produce all kinds of products.
Our primary products are:

  • Interactive Flat Panel from 55’’-98″.
  • Mini ultrasound whiteboard
  • MiBoard M3, MiBoard M4, and MiBoard M5.
  • Language headsets with all kinds of connectors, such as 2*3.5mm plug, 1*3.5mm plug, USB plug, TRSS plug, 5 PIN DIN.

Interactive Flat Panel

It is s one kind of large touch screen, which uses infrared technology to convert the screen into an interactive whiteboard.

It combines a touch frame, stereo, and OPS computer. It uses infrared touch technology and allows 20 people to write at the same time. You can touch it by finger, passive pens, or some other non-transparent object.

It is mainly used in education teaching, business meeting, training, and so on.


We are one of the greatest language lab headsets manufacturers in China.

Our headset is famous for its good sound and good quality.

We have many types of language lab headsets plugs, such as USB plug, 2X3.5mm plug, Combo plug, 5 pins plug, 6 pins plug, and so on.

Our USB headset uses CM6206, which is exactly the same as the Sanako headset.


We are professional interactive whiteboard manufacture. Our interactive whiteboard uses Ultrasonic and Infrared technology. It is very sensitive.

Our mini interactive whiteboard can be combined using an ordinary whiteboard, and it can make the ordinary whiteboard become an interactive whiteboard.

It can greatly improve the teacher teaching

IR Touch Frame

We have developed IR Touch Frame.

You can install our IR Touch frame on TV which can make the common TV panel into the interactive panel.

We have all kinds of sizes for IR Touch Frame, from the size 32”-98”.

You also can install our IR Touch Frame on a common whiteboard to make it into an interactive whiteboard.


“We installed MiBoard M3 in all our classrooms, they are very sensitive and stable. Our teachers like them very much.” 

Nilesh Patel Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad

“Our colleague installed 7 units MiBoard IFP in our classrooms, they all work perfectly. They are 4K display. It is very clear. It does not need projectors.”

Mr Hu, from JIMEI University

We installed language lab headsets from Mitechnic in all our language lab from 2015. It worked perfectly without any damage until now. It has a really good sound.”

Yonis Ahmed from Korea Advanced